Europe: when money talks, the U.S. will walk to India and Southeast Asia

Americans are beginning to wonder about the loyalty of their Western European friends. The consequences of such doubts taking root in the U.S. are not good for Europe. Negative U.S. public opinion could lead to Europe defending itself and America focusing on building a stronger alliance with India and countries in Southeast Asia (SE Asia).
(Such a shift in policy would take years to implement, but its effects would be felt sooner rather than later).

The problem is Europe’s misguided China policy; it is trying to keep the U.S. as a critical ally and, at the same time, increase its Chinese market share. France and Germany, in particular, are sending signals that they want to enhance their relationship with China in defiance of U.S. policy.

The leaders of both countries have visited China to urge it to follow the rules and force Russia to stop the war and withdraw its forces. But they...

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