Republicans complain loudly but do not offer alternative solutions

When Republicans won control of the House of Representatives (the House), they promised to cut government spending, investigate the Biden family, the January 6th riot, weaponization of the Justice Department, the botched withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, and other matters. The strategy was based on revenge politics and offered no creative bipartisan solutions. Well, it is fair to say that the Republicans have failed to deliver on their promises.

House Republicans are in total disarray and lack unity of purpose. They wasted a week fighting over Kevin McCarthy’s appointment as Speaker of the House. McCarthy gained the support of the hard right faction (the MAGAs) by empowering the MAGAs to pursue aggressive investigations and agreed to cut government spending in order to create a multi-year plan to balance the budget.

McCarthy’s efforts, however, at negotiating a multi-year balanced budget (which would require massive spending cuts) have failed. McCarthy and his MAGA allies have stated that if Biden did not agree to substantial spending reductions, the House would not approve an increase in the debt limit. Such an action would cause the U.S. to default on its payments to creditors. Biden has refused to negotiate over the debt limit. He also managed to shame House Republicans into publicly agreeing not to cut Social Security and Medicare. He then issued his budget plan. The Republicans immediately attacked the budget proposal. Biden then suggested...

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