Can Anti-Abortionists Also Be Anti-Vaxxers?

By A. Altieri D’Angelo

A significant number of people believe they can be both. Anti-vaccine/masking supporters (referred to as Anti-Vaxxers) are endangering their friends, families (particularly children), and society. And they are also infuriating abortion advocates by being hypocritical about vaccinations and abortions. To make matters worse, Anti-Vaxxers are using identical placards (My Body My Choice) even though their use of such signs means the opposite of what is intended.

So how is it possible these people can have two opposing views at the same time? Either they do not realize there is a contradiction or don’t care.  

Anti-Vaxxers argue that vaccinating or wearing a mask should be a personal decision; the government has no business telling them what to do. They purposely ignore their responsibility to protect their fellow citizens and residents (including their children) from Covid. They reject the science that supports masking and vaccination. At the same time, many of these same people argue that abortion should not be allowed. They also claim women should not have a legal right to have an abortion.

Anti-Vaxxers are willing to put children and adults at risk for political reasons but will fight to preserve the life of a fetus. What reasoning can justify this approach? Is life only precious if a fetus is involved? Logic dictates that if you are pro-life, you should always strive to protect everyone’s life. You would think these people would be the first to be vaccinated and wear a mask, if not for themselves, but others. But it seems Anti-Vaxxers don’t care. They have chosen to forget that all lives matter. The national political parties have also taken similar and inconsistent positions.

The Republican Party’s position on abortion is inconsistent with its vaccine policy. Republicans have always argued that the rights of individuals must be protected except when it comes to abortions. Republicans have worked tirelessly to change state and federal laws to prohibit abortions. The party, when able, has appointed pro-life judges to state and federal courts. Their efforts have led to the most conservative Supreme Court in recent memory. This Court may well, in 2021, overturn Roe v Wade (1973), the landmark decision which held that a woman has an unrestricted right to choose to have an abortion.

The party has no problem telling a woman what to do with her body, and government intervention is okay. At the same time, they argue that government mandates related to Covid are unconstitutional and un-American. (They also know that there is a solid legal basis for allowing government mandates when it comes to protecting public health. Yet, they pander to the Trump base, causing people to become seriously ill; and, in many cases, die. It is pathetic and sad.)

The Democratic Party position is also somewhat inconsistent, but there is no damage done to public health. They want freedom of choice for women but seek government control over how people handle vaccinations and masking. They argue that public safety demands that the government step in and require vaccinations, where possible, and masking for the greater good. They see no conflict between government mandates for Covid and a woman’s right to choose. Both measures are designed to protect the health and safety of the public at large and women’s rights (but fetuses are not protected).

There is no easy way to explain the inconsistency of views among the Anti-Vaxxers. It is too easy to say they do not realize the inherent contradictions of their position. They are not that stupid. At some level, they must know they are conflicted. Perhaps the real reason for their behavior may come down to a simple concept: they are angry about U.S. society becoming more diverse and liberal. They “know” that trend is wrong but fail to show solid evidence to support such a claim. Such people must fervently believe they are correct to avoid reconciling their views with reality and facts. They, therefore, must deeply resent and oppose any action that leads to a result that they do not like. It does not matter that some viewpoints are inconsistent with each other because they are right. The end justifies the means!

(We must keep in mind that Anti-Vaxxers continue to believe that Donald Trump’s election loss was due to voter fraud. They insist there was voter fraud even though an overwhelming and growing body of evidence contradicts that myth. They cannot bear the thought that a majority of U.S. voters chose Biden, for that would show they were wrong. To recognize they were wrong is a step too far.)

Anti-Vaxxers will not change. They will adopt any combination of positions (regardless of the fact such may be contradictory) to achieve their goals. Everyone else must counter these people by becoming more active and boldly speaking out against their opposition.

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