China is the spoiled brat of the worldwide community

The Chinese balloon incursion into U.S. territory (the Balloon Incident) demonstrated, once again, that China sees its actions as being beyond reproach. Unfortunately, such behavior is more akin to that of a spoiled child. This sense of entitlement on China’s part is making the world more dangerous.

Once the news of the balloon became public knowledge, the Chinese claimed it was an unfortunate accident but still took no action. But as criticism increased, China reverted to a more defensive posture. It claimed it was a harmless weather balloon that posed no risk. The U.S. had already determined it was a surveillance vessel that needed to be destroyed. Once the U.S. shot down the balloon, China claimed the act was a sign of U.S. decline. The People's Daily, the primary public relations outlet for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), stated, “The balloon incident has shown to the world how immature and irresponsible — indeed hysterical — the United States has been in dealing with the case”.

A spoiled child exhibits self-centered and immature behavior. The child shows, among other aspects, a lack of consideration for other people, demands having one’s way...

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